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What's new?

There is going to be a Sean Na Na practice in about a half-hour, which is one of about 10 practices of every year. We're a non-practicing band. We practice once before a few shows that are coming up. Or else before a tour.

How can that work?

Basically my songs are really easy. And Jeremy's known all of them all this time, and he normally plays keyboard with me or whenever he's not super busy. A whole bunch of drummers play with me also. When I'm home I usually play with the same group of people, but it could be a three of five piece. Whatever's easier.

How old are you?


Were you doing anything prior to Sean Na Na?

I used to play in this band called Calvin Krime when I was 17. We were on AmRep. We were a noisy spazz band. I had already been recording solo stuff that was more poppy. The first time I recorded was like me playing and singing everything and Lois did some background vocals.

Do you ever play solo?

I'll do it every once in a while, but I don't like to get that introspective. I like it to be sassier when I play.

What is a Sean Na Na show like in your words?

Normally, it's Jeremy, whoever's playing with us, and I just rocking out really hard. And I normally swear a lot at people, yell at people, call them a bunch of idiots, and then play songs. People just love it. They freak out! Somehow though I can pull it off without getting in fights. People just don't care. Cause I don't give a fuck. (In a tough guy voice.)

Your lyrics are mean as hell. Sorta like a post punk rock aggression thing going on there.

Yeah totally. It's fun to write mean songs. I think it's fun to listen to mean songs too. I just get in a bad mood and write a song with whatever mood I capture. The songs that are harder to write are normally meaner because they take forever and I get really mad.

So you write all of the music?

I normally write music with a piano or guitar, then we just play. I don't tell anybody what to play when they play with me. I only play with people I trust enough to not have to tell that what to do.

If you could pick someone to run the music industry so that all bands were treated fairly who would it be?

I guess I'd probably elect myself. I have supreme taste and then I could outlaw most emo bands, and rap metal. Anyone who sounds like Braid today can go to hell cause it's over. Atom & His Package wrote a song about an adventure you and him had. We were playing together in Flagstaff, AZ and we went to this bar that was empty except for us. There was this really cheesy metal band playing called the Dahli Llamas. But they played this song called "Shopping Spree" and it was so good. The chorus from Atom's song was from their song but a little bit different. We got the Dahli Llamas to play that song like 5 times that night. They'd play it and we'd dance all crazy and stuff. I tried to buy their CD, but it didn?t have "Shopping Spree" on it and I was like, "What the Fuck?" So we just decided to take it and write our own version.

So what kinda guy are you?

I'm a chill dude. One chill dude. For a good time, call if you're horny and if you like Low Rider bikes.

How often do you guy's tour?

9 months a year. It's a party and then I'll take a break after a while. I've played with at least 10 or 15 drummers. I have different people who play the local shows. When you're not in a tight band situation it's a lot easier to have fun.

Are you a ladies man?

I used to try to get a lot of action but it's boring now. It goes in cycles.

What bands have you been listening to lately?

I like the new Spoon record a lot. Gang of Four and Wire, The Dog Face Herman's, and Mary Timmany.

What do you think of the new Weezer?

It's really lack luster. They took five years to make the record and now they sound like the Get Up Kids. That fucking Hashpipe song is horrid. That's the worst song I ever heard. I hope they are joking.

What is your goal with Sean Na Na?

To live comfortably making music, and not having to work for as long as possible. I want to go on tour and come home and write songs, then go on tour. Until I get really bored with it, or go insane, or just burn out completely. Which is fine too. I want to own a house. That is my goal. And never pay rent again. I'll buy the house in St. Paul and live in New York. When it's paid off and I'm old I'll live in the house. But I want to travel around to other countries.

Do you have any strange hobbies?

I collect unicorns and dolphins.

Is it so girls think your sensitive?

No, it's more like so girls think it's really creepy when they come in my room. Kinda like a retarded grow-up thing. It's kinda mystical. I love unicorns.

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